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Film Review: ROUGH NIGHT

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Too often, male lead comedies tend to monopolize sex jokes over woman, while they are easy pickings, I always feel like woman deliver the punchlines better. And in “Rough Night” the latest hybrid crossover of “Bridesmaids” meets “The Hangover” - that’s exactly what happens. Wheather it’s a viberator that doesn’t work, getting caught masterbating by your pet, or getting nicknamed for your ability to “give a foot job” - these jokes maintain that women can embrace their sexuality and dish out the hard R rated humor just as well, if not better, than the guys.

There's a ton of fun to be had with “Rough Night” which chronicles the events of Jess’s (Scarlett Johansson) bachelorette party in Miami with her squad of best friends and college roommates. The only outlier is the Australian induced Kate McKinnon’s Kiwi, who is visiting from abroad. The rest of the gang all have their own stories to tell, Jillian Bell’s Alice is a school teacher that micromanages every aspect of Jess’s life, which includes planning every detail of the party. Zoe Kravitz’s Blair, a high-strung lawyer in the midst of a custody battle with her soon to be ex-husband. IIana Glazer’s Frankie, a rebel with a cause with three strikes against her record, one more and she gets put in the slammer. And finally, Jess, who is currently in the running for the state senate election.

This all gets jeopardized after a night of expensive drugs/alcohol get the better of them, and they invite a stripper into their rental home. One thing leads to another, and, believe it or not, the guy hits his head and dies from his injuries. From then on, Lucia Aniello’s comedy throws any logistical sense out the window. You would think the first thing to do would be to alert the authorities right? Wrong. Instead, the gang decides to concoct alternative solutions to get rid of the body as to not face any serious punishment for their actions. The whole time you just shake your head at some of the stupidity in their decisions, but, for some oddball reason, most of it works. Mainly because our female ensemble sell this shlock so well, you almost believe it.

What’s even more hilarious, is Jess’s husband, Peter (Paul W. Downs) is back home with his friends, whose idea of a fun bachelor party is to have a wine tasting. Not to mention Ty Burrell and Demi Moore also have good supporting roles playing the swinger neighbors next door, looking for a good time.

Despite the film’s essentially formulaic nature, this bachelorette-party-from-hell comedy is the perfect example of why their needs to be more female comedies of this vein. Because when it works, it soars, but when it misses, it’s a dud. (Amy Schumer found that out last month with “Snatched.”) “Rough Night” has a title that inadvertently tells you what’s in store, but the bankability of these scene stealing actresses, make the ride go down smoother than expected. B

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