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Review: Heist thriller 'Echo Boomers' low on adrenaline

Courtesy of Saban Films


The war against generational and class welfare is potent in the lifeless “Echo Boomers,” a hyper millennial fever dream about sticking it to the man and destroying shit along the way. Directed with minimal flair and music video like aesthetic by Seth Savoy, “Echo Boomers” understands the message it’s peddling about billionaires getting richer and the lower class getting poorer, but it’s wrapped in such an angsty entitled package, the smell of Abercrombie & Fitch practically flowed through my television.

Loosely based on a true story, through the confusing framing device and opening title card sequence would suggest otherwise, “Echo Boomers” wants the best of both worlds. Maybe that means characters are fictional but the story around them is not? That motto seems like a disregard for facts and blatant callbacks to “American Animals” don’t go unnoticed. 

Lane (Patrick Schwarzenegger - looking lost) has just ditched his family and headed to Chicago where Cousin Jack (Gilles Geary) hinted at offering a dream job in the elusive art industry. Subtext is key in this situation and though he’s received top-notch grades and excellent recommendations, the real world has provided no opportunities for Lane and thinks Jack’s offer is the last straw. Except he’s signing up to join a squad of financially unsuccessful college grads who loot and steal priceless artifacts from the wealthy; so a barking Michael Shannon can turn a profit on the black market. A vicious cycle considering the group wants to make a statement on generational wealth all the while deepening Shannon’s pockets.

While most of the characters don’t leave an impression and their one dimensional traits detract more than assist, at least there’s Allie (Hayley Law) who came from a privileged lifestyle and gave it up for the cause. It’s the closest shred of human connection “Echo Boomers” demonstrates but is cut short and diverts back to pissed off frat boys whining for attention. Any narrative integrity is compromised by choppy, barely audible, voice overs that - try as they might - don’t salvage what we already think of this crew of misfits and their painful lack of justification. 

Grade: D+

Saban Films will release the action/thriller ECHO BOOMERS in Theaters, On Demand and Digital on November 13, 2020.


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