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Review: Netflix's twisty 'Fractured' so preposterous it kinda works

Courtesy of Netflix


It’s the weekend and with it comes a content dump from Netflix and in this week’s batch is the Sam Worthington thriller “Fractured” directed by Brad Anderson. Worthington is Ray Moore who is en route to Minneapolis with his wife, Joanne (Lily Rabe), and daughter Peri (Lucy Capri), to visit family for Thanksgiving. When Peri unexpectedly falls and fractures her arm, she’s taken to a nearby hospital where things aren’t as they seem. A creepy doctor (Stephen Tobolowsky) orders an MRI and sends Ray back to the waiting room for the long haul. He awakens hours later to find out his wife and daughter are missing and the hospital has no record of them on file.

Unfolding like Jodie Foster’s “Flightplan” (but in a hospital) Ray enlists law enforcement to investigate the shady hospital who insists Ray came in for a head related injury following a car accident (don’t they always?) There’s a major stench of foul play and nobody believes the crazy guy with head trauma. The reality is, “Fractured” is a low level bargain bin style thriller that embraces its grainy and eye rolling attitude with moderate thrills. Sure, it’s preposterous and belongs in the boroughs of late night cable programming, but if you can get past asking logical questions, then a last second twist has a decent payoff.

Grade: B-

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