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Review: Predictable 'The Intruder' presents same old tricks

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“Straw Dogs,” “Lakeview Terrace,” “Breaking In,” and “Cold Creek Manor.”

These are just some of the movies that revolve around a seemingly innocent couple or family who move into a secluded home, and end up getting terrorized by individuals who have no life.

Now we can add “The Intruder” to that laundry list of home invasion thrillers - a film that’s chopped full of jump scare fake-outs and shout-at-the-screen moments, without any regard for basic logic or building genuine tension.

Granted, director Deon Taylor knows what kind’ve snuff film this plays as, and in this instance pits the commendable Meagan Good and Michael Ealy against Dennis Quaid’s Charley Peck, an old soul who still uses phone books, doesn’t own a flat screen, says things like “Jeepers” and murders people who smoke on his lawn with an ax. You know, the usual.

Ealy and Good play the husband and wife duo that, somehow or another, have $3.1 million to drop on a nice two story home in the middle of Napa Valley. The home belongs to Quaid’s widower Peck who plans to move to Florida with his daughter once the sale finalizes.

Of course, you know the drill and that doesn’t happen.

Charley begins showing up at random times of the day to either mow the grass or offer a helping hand on just about anything (and he owns a lot of guns). Credit needs to be given to Quaid who manages to rock that sly Joker grin with a good dose of charm and menace, you know he’s crazy, and all “The Intruder” plays as is a ticking bomb of when he’s going to explode.

Don’t worry, you’ll see the events coming from miles away and probably the only instance of where “The Intruder” could be slightly enjoyable is with a crowded theater of folks eager to point out just how stupid people are.

If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Grade: C

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