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  • Nate Adams

News: 'Miss Firecracker' lights up the stage at Tipping Point Theatre

Northville, MI - Tipping Point Theatre's opening play of their 12th season, The Miss Firecracker Contest by Beth Henley, is sure to please audiences with its wit, heart and empowering theme. Carnelle is a young woman in the 80’s that is known around her small town in Missouri as the promiscuous ‘Miss Hot Tamale’. Determined to change her reputation and live out her dreams, she enters the local beauty pageant, The Miss Firecracker Contest. Together with her bickering cousins, Delmount and Elain, and her plucky new friend, Popeye, Carnelle takes on the seemingly impossible task of winning the crown. 

Running Sept. 13 – Oct. 14, The Miss Firecracker Contest is the first of six professional productions coming to Tipping Point's stage over the next 12 months. Now in its 12th season, Tipping Point continues to produce high-quality theatre in their intimate 100-seat space located in the heart of Downtown Northville. Dani Cochrane, long-time actor at Tipping Point Theatre, is making her directorial debut with this American Classic. "We have an opportunity to create over 90 jobs for Michigan Artists at Tipping Point each year," said James R. Kuhl, Producing Artistic Director. "It's even more rewarding when we're able to give an artist an opportunity to grow and explore in a new position. I look forward to seeing Dani’s creativity and leadership at work with The Miss Firecracker Contest." The show's playwright, Beth Henley, is known for her shows that feature southern towns and strong female roles. Her most well-known show, Crimes of the Heart, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1981. The Miss Firecracker Contest was published a year later and was turned into a movie in 1989 starring Holly Hunter. Henley’s shows explore the absurd truth of living in our contemporary world. The hypocrisy is heightened and bluntly fed to the audience through delightfully fun characters. Henley’s ability to create likeable characters while highlight their flaws is just a part of what makes her scripts so interesting. The Miss Firecracker Contest is no exception. With a five week run and shows Thursday through Sunday, there are plenty of days to catch this iconic show coming to Tipping Point Theatre in Downtown Northville. Preview performances featuring a talk back with Director Dani Cochrane and Producing Artistic Director James R. Kuhl are September 13th and 14th at 8pm. A celebratory opening night featuring food and fun with the cast is September 15th. For more information, visit or call the box office at 248-347-0003.  

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