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Review: Johnny Knoxville’s ’ACTION POINT' a stunt gone bad

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures 


In “Action Point” Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”) returns to the concussion induced spotlight playing D.C, the owner of an amusement park in California that has no regard for safety. The film is detailed through a cheesy ‘flashback’ framing device which sees an old Knoxville, donning the same horrid looking prosthetic makeup that couldn't save “Bad Grandpa,” recount to his house ridden granddaughter the glory days of Action Point.

The film than transitions to the 1980s, a time where kids had “fun.” Or, you know, the world didn't have OSHA regulations. Action Point is no Six Flags or Cedar Point for that matter, It's a wonder how this place even existed. The park is literally scrapped together with duct tape, and struck of any personal responsibility. Obviously, folks back in the 80s' never seemed to worry about liability. There's also another thinly written plot (no thanks to screenwriters John Altschuler and Dave Krinksky) about how D.C.'s daughter comes to stay for the summer, then we find out a much safer, more legal, theme park has opened just down the road; and finally we meet a crew of misfits that help run the park, thematically and literally, into the ground, including fellow “Jackass” alum Chris Pontius in a thankless role whose only purpose is to make cracks about vaginas, and butts.

Supposedly based on a true story, Knoxville is always game to be kicked in the nether-regions, go eight seconds in the ring with a rowdy bull or, in this films case, be capitulated on the side of a barn in order to get a laugh. He has the energy of Charlie Chaplin, and a kinetic vibe that makes him likable. But “Action Point” only serves as a vehicle for stunts, with a loose plot that's only background noise to Knoxville's silly antics. At least with the “Jackass” films you could sense the crew was having fun, and just along for the ride. Here, much like the broken down and poorly constructed roller coasters on display, “Action Point” never works.

Grade: D+

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