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Review: Don't get sucked into laughable THE HURRICANE HEIST

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On a budget of $40 million, you might look at Rob Cohen’s (“The Fast and The Furious”) latest bloated action adventure called “The Hurricane Heist”, and think it was made by a toddler with his eyes close. As the story stands: a pair of estranged brothers (Toby Kebbell and Ryan Kwanten) must stop a group of cartoonish bad guys (lead with a smug decor by Ralph Ineson) as they try to rob $600 million bucks from the United States treasury in Alabama on the heels of a category five hurricane. Now, I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy but I laughed a lot, and it’s almost so bad it’s good, but I can’t merit you spend actual money on this debacle (and judging by early box office numbers, nobody is.) Aside from all the “Twister” rip offs, it’s over produced and severely over acted. You’ll never feel the connection of the two brothers because there isn’t anything to cling too. The CGI looks so awful, you wonder how anyone could finance this film. I almost wish it embraced it’s campiness, and debuted as a made for TV movie. That might’ve been something.

Grade: D-

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