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Film Review: The Only Thing Laughable & Terrifying About BOO 2: A MADEA HALLOWEEN is its 104 Min

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Editors note: I sent Matthew to see this movie back in October just so he could have some balance in the movies he reviews. After all, you can't see the good without the bad. It has taken him a month to finally conjure his thoughts on this film, and I think it's brilliant and represents the best at what we do. If you're fan of Tyler Perry I'd turn back now, because there is no mercy. Honestly, we should thank him for seeing this movie so we didn’t have to. He’s a brave one. 

It seems as though Tyler Perry has outdone himself in this installment of the never-ending saga that is the Madea film franchise; the only thing that continues to surprise? Why anyone keeps buying tickets.  

If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, but the premise here is just about as cliché and trope-y as it gets: family man Brian (played awkwardly and incredibly weakly by Perry) is unsure that is newly 18 year-old daughter Tiffany (possibly the most cliché,  forgettable, and plain unlikeable  performance of the film by Diamond White) is trustworthy or ready for all of the responsibilities being offered to her by mother – who gives her a brand new car for her birthday and just about anything else she wants. Meanwhile the seemingly obliviously moronic Brian still treats her like a child, giving her the same surprise birthday part – petting zoo and all – year after year expecting, I don’t know, less of a bratty entitled daughter to appreciate family time despite his complete ambivalence to her wishes/young adult concerns?

From there connect the dots to a big house surprise party and you’ve got the first half of the movie as Perry reprises his roles as Madea and Joe. Throw in Aunt Bam and Hattie – Joe’s girlfriend? Either way, none of the details really matter because at this point we are placated with the usual lowest-common-denominator-humor of which Perry’s writing is infamous for. Mean-spirited, overtly misogynistic, and demeaning to all involved – the “jokes” fall more than flat and leave you wondering what the hell the punchline was even supposed to be?

Slowly and painstakingly the film inches along and we’re reintroduced to the absurdly old “frat guys” from the previous installment and Tiffany reconciles their issues so as to attend a party at their new party location – “Derrick Lake.” (Yes I’m serious). I’d love to say scares and hilarity ensue as Tiffany schemes to go party at this haunted lake/house thing, and the family – two-fourths Perry at it with his same ole schtick – but nothing close occurs. Instead we are berated with more stupid humor – and you know what? I can’t do this. I just. Can’t.

It quite literally took this critic just under a month to come back to this point in the review only to realize that it was not worth the time. The sheer stupidity and unnecessary nature of this “movie” is not worth your time either. It very nearly drove me to never critiquing again. From the awful quality/shots of the film to the general lack of any understanding of what acting is by the actors – honestly it felt as though the actors had never seen other humans interact before, not even an exaggeration when describing the downright unnatural and awkward feelings these people brought me – there is utterly nothing redeeming in any, way, shape, or form about this garbage. I’m not sure if it’s still in theaters, but it should be banned. Whether at home on Netflix or on some cable television channel, shield your eyes and ears if you ever come within earshot of this trash. Review, at Long last, complete *mic drop* (seriously, this may be more entertaining than even the trailer of this movie - don’t waste whatever precious time you have in this lifetime on yet another dumpster fire from Tyler Perry). F (4%)

About the author:

Matthew Porter is a guest columnist and film critic for He will be bringing forth some new perspective and reviewing various films occasionally. You can follow him on Twitter (@Mattttttttthew)

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