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Film Review: Jim Carrey shows his emotional side in THE GREAT BEYOND

 Courtesy of NETFLIX


If you saw the 1999 movie "Man On The Moon" then you might've noticed how top notch Jim Carrey's performance was in the film, portraying the wacky, sometimes off the wall, antics of his contemporary Andy Kaufman. And now the documentary, currently streaming on Netflix, takes us inside Carrey's mind as he was making the film, in the movie entitled "Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton."

Clifton, as most people know, is a famous alter ego of Kaufman and this inside sneak peek takes us to the set of the 1999 film, showcasing the trials and tribulations, and the lengths to which Carrey was willing to go. The man went full method, only to be referred to as "Andy" on set, and stirring up trouble that Universal, and the director never foresaw when they casted Carrey who, at the time, was the biggest rising star on the planet.

"Man On The Moon" isn't heavily regarded in modern day cinema, but it is known for how willing Carrey was to dive into the material - and this behind the scene footage (which Carrey has allowed to be shown to the public) displays just that. What's more intriguing though is Carrey's study of the culture today. Throughout the film, he recounts how impactful the movies he did were representative of his life at the time. For example when he was making "The Truman Show" Carrey was isolated and alone, but for "Man On The Moon" he was allowed to say goodbye to Jim and hello to Andy.

Not to say his methods weren't unorthodox, but it certainly help bring attention to the movie. "Jim & Andy" is a fascinating character study and sitting down with Carrey for the better half of 90 minutes isn't so bad either. He's an open book, even talking about personal tragedies in his life - including the death of his father (which Carrey details holding back tears.)

I have no doubt that Kaufman would be proud of his legacy today, and his cinematic portrayal on screen, but seeing Carrey as vulnerable as he is here, should be the conversation everyone is talking about. A-

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